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The blue outline box below is the fix for disconnects



This section for Windows Computers only


Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

L - click to open, follow picure instructions

You have completed the fix for Windows computers.

(Still have connection problems, proceed to step #2 and #3below)



Uninstall Flash Tool for Windows

L - click to download, run


click here to update flash

note: before update, uncheck 'optional offers'


This section for MAC (Apple) users only


Uninstall Flash Tool for MAC

download, run


Download Flash Player for only Safari, Firefox and Netscape
Plug-In compatible applications – NPAPI for MAC

download, install


Download Flash Player for only Opera and Chromium
based applications – PPAPI
for MAC

download, install

You have completed the fix
for MAC (Apple) Computers

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