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  The is a private chat site, no one is permitted access unless you are registered.

  Understand that has no way of pre-screening users for membership or registration other than direct recomendation from an active member or registered user. Never invite strangers.

  How to recommend a chat friend:

Inform your friend to send your name as recommendation,
the username and password they wish to use

 to this email address:

  Approval is usually within 24hrs

1. Respect all members and registered users. No member or registered user is permitted to harass, pick on or disrespect another member. Members or registered users are never allowed to attack any member or registered user under any circumstance.

If there are any issues that you feel need to be addressed concernning any member or registered user, email:

2. You may not threaten any member or registered user, or encourage others to do the same. Promoting or encouraging expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, hatred, obscenity or slander is not permitted.

3. Using to Spam is not allowed. Spamming is defined as sending identical unsolicited messages to any citydiner member or in a chat room repeatedly, i.e. flooding.

4. Using to gather personal information from third parties is not authorized. Do not attempt to gain personal information from others without their permission.

5. Using to harm or solicit minors in any way is not allowed.

5. Do not attempt to logon to accounts that are not yours. You are not allowed to access unauthorized services or accounts.

7. Do not share your password or logon information with others. Allowing a third party to access your account is not allowed.

8. Fraud is illegal and not allowed in the Do not attempt to mislead or trick others with unlawful intentions.

9. Trademark or copyright infringement is expressly forbidden. You are not allowed to transmit or upload any materials that infringe on any patent, trademark, copyright, or proprietary rights of this chat software or other products, without prior permission from the copyright holder. Please report any infringements you witness.

10. Interfering or disabling with our servers and/or services, or attempting to do so, is not allowed.

11. Do not use software other than the copy on this website to connect to the

12. Using the to transmit malicious programs, spyware or viruses is strictly forbidden.

15. Using the to harm the reputation of this website or its staff is strictly forbidden.

16. The use of any screen recording software to record from the is not allowed.

17 Recording voice only conversations without prior consent of the other party is not allowed.

18. Using the to promote your own website or business is allowed only after communicating with 'city' ( and receiving direct permission from him.

19. One membership or registered user account is permitted per person. Any abuse of this policy, unless waived by the site owner 'city', will result in permanent ban of the member or registered user account and forfeiture of any monies donated to

20. The reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior express notice. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions, keep abreast on any updates and ensure compliance.

21. The cannot be used for illegal purposes or to support such illegal activities.

22. We reserve the right to cooperate with legal authorities or any affected third parties, and pass relevant information to them, in the case of investigation of any criminal or civil illegal activity, to prevent abuse of our software and members. Accounts in breach of our terms and conditions will be terminated without prior notice and all donations made will not be refunded. © 2017 All rights Reserved