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A safe, fun and respectful place to meet friends,

make new ones from all over the globe to chat and play music


chat/ play music in most rooms

To register a Friend, have them send:

name of person who recommended them (you),
username and password they wish to use

to this email address

Pleas read guidelines

Premium Membership*
chat/ play music in all rooms
create a private room, share pictures
access to 3 private rooms with webcam

Premium Membership
Donation $10 - for one year

Lifetime Premium Membership
Donation $20

*Only by recommendation from a person with active profile in ctiydiner


Our Mission Statement is a Worldwide Private Chat Service

  We are dedicated to provide a safe haven to share music/fun and enjoy the company of people from all over the globe in our social and friendly chat site.

   We believe music brings people together and welcome all genres that promote peace, friendship and love.

   Our membership is unique, for they provide the foundation upon which this chat site is built.

  We believe in the right to privacy: logs are never made or read from any conversations in the rooms or from private messages at any time.

  There are no administrators, no moderators, no advertisements in

  Absolutey NO ONE has permission nor the power to boot in

   The service does not display country nor national flags nor any religious symbols in any part of our emotes nor on any part of our chat service website.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.


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